I am writing to you as a part of the International Network of Education Institutes (INEI). INEI is comprised of 9 leading education institutes in nine different countries around the world (; our institutions are members. Its purpose is to foster international research collaborations on educational issues that have local and global impacts.

Increasing globalization in education has not only affected what we study, but how we study. The rapid evolution of ideas on a global scale is unparalleled in human history. Thus, it is our responsibility, as teachers, leaders, and scholars in education to be more active, innovative, and open to new insights and collaborations. The INEI team has identified you and your work as a potential area of collaboration with other international scholars. We believe your research and scholarship can become an integral component of INEI.

As a strong advocate of international education, INEI hopes the distributed lists of identified scholars has assisted you to foster collaboration with other outstanding scholars in the INEI member institutions. Importantly, to provide an incentive for collaboration, we are offering a $5,000 USD award to support two of the most promising collaborations in INEI. The due date for all proposals is July 31, 2017.  

Criteria for consideration are:

  1. Proposals for these seed grants should be no longer than 5 pages
  2. The participants are Multi-National, more than one institute
  3. There must be an option to include additional INEI member institutes in the testing phase
  4. The proposers are exclusive to INEI member institutes
  5. The proposals demonstrate sound research methodology
  6. The theme relevant to the mission of INEI
  7. Additional funds must be sought nationally and/or internationally to leverage future research funds

Recipients will be requested to present their preliminary research finding on the INEI website and at the 2016 INEI meeting in Madison, WI United States.

Please send all proposals to Chen Wang at with subject title “INEI Seed Funding Proposal”.