INEI 2017 Annual Conference

13 – 15 November 2017

University of Cape Town, South Africa


Conference theme: Pedagogy in an unequal world

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The world seems at war with itself. With deepening global inequality come grave fractures and differences. These manifest not only in basic material living conditions, educational opportunities and life chances, but in increasingly polarized attitudes to gender, race, religion and migration; to sexual orientation, language, disability, mental illness; to crime, torture and punishment; to the environment and even to animal rights. How do we teach our students, learners and children in this context? How do we think about the knowledge, skills and values that we teach and the practices in which we engage in order that they might make a better world than the one bequeathed to them?

Each of the countries in the INEI confronts these inequalities and polarizations in different ways. In this meeting we wish to focus as educators on what these fractures mean for our work through focusing on the ways in which forms of pedagogy and curriculum potentially reproduce on the one hand and interrupt on the other the inequalities that so define our world. Considering the issues across the range of educational contexts – from ECD to schooling, to higher education, informal learning and the workplace – an exploration of curriculum and pedagogic issues takes us to the heart of the educational encounter, the place where we might most fruitfully begin to consider how we might equip learners not only to live in the world but also to change it.